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Life Talk of Yureni Noshika

Noshika won the “Models of the New Generation” pageant hosted by Derana TV in 2006, and went on to represent Sri Lanka at the Tourism World contest. Her potential for acting and musical talents were evident and she decided to follow a career in these fields, opting out of following a law career, which was her next preferred choice.

After appearing in the TV commercials for Coca-Cola and Nestlé among many others, she was picked to appear in the teledrama Kindurangana, which was a remake for the Sri Lanka television market of the Hindi television serial Kasam Se. This was a joint venture between Balaji Telefilms of India and the Maharaja Organisation of Sri Lanka.

Subsequently, she has appeared in many TV serials such as Kindurangana, Sanda Sakki, Arora, Sihina Sindrella, Ayal, and Pingaladanauwwa among others.[1]

Noshika entered the movie industry in 2009 and was immediately cast into one of the lead roles in the film Nino Live. The movie went on to gain both critical acclaim and commercial success

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