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Nehara & Menaka Wedding Day

Our wedding will be held in church We have already fixed the date
– Nehara Pieris

It is an old piece of news that Nehara Pieris and Menaka Rajapaksha who had separated from their earlier marriages are going to get married. Nehara says that the date has now been fixed. Nehara who clinched the Popular Actress Award sometime ago is now placed towards the end of that list. There is a rumour that once she leaves the field of acting, she is to conduct a Montessori. This information she disclosed to a weekend newspaper.

Is your wedding going to take place soon?
Yes …. we’ll be getting married soon. Already we’ve fixed a date for that ….. but can’t tell the date so soon. But it’ll happen soon. The wedding will take place in church.

As Nehara Pieris public their wedding held

Nehara & Menaka Wedding


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