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Dinosaurs Can be Brought Back

In 1993, audiences thrilled to the adventures of a group of scientists who created a lost world through the magic of genetic manipulation of Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) from dinosaur blood found in the stomachs of mosquitoes trapped in amber for 65 million years. Unfortunately for the scientists, their creations got out of control and wreaked havoc on their creators.

Of course, the plot of Jurassic Park is more a morality tale of man playing with forces and knowledge that is forbidden — but it may be closer to realization than we think.

The idea of taking DNA from long extinct creatures such as dinosaurs has been tried, by researchers at Western Australia’s Murdoch University, with little result because DNA does not last very well over millions of years buried in rock strata and exposed to heat, cold, and weather.

While this method may indeed hold hope for more recently extinct creatures such as the woolly mammoth found frozen in the arctic tundra, or the sabre-toothed cat, dinosaurs seem to be way out of our reach by these techniques.

Dinosaurs Can be Brought Back

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