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Nadeesha Hemamali Joins UNP

Well-known actress Nadeesha Hemamali has decided to contest for the oncoming Southern Provincial Council election under United National Party. She has handed over the required application forms to the UNP General secretary MP Tissa Attanayake today (19).Nadeesha had expressed her desire to enter in to politics since a long time and finally she has been given an opportunity to run for the polls under the Green banner. According to reports, the required “infrastructure” for Nadeesha to enter in to politics has been provided by a young politician who had previously been in the UNP.

However, among her closest friends in recent times was a “Former Minister” son from the hill country, who is still maintaining a cordial relationship with Nadeesha. According to what is heard, he is also preparing to take the burden of Nadeesha’s election campaign on to his shoulder.The fair question about where this Former Minister’s son, who is also a present Govt MP, would take Nadeesha after her victory in the South still remains inside the mindsets of the Sri Lankan voters who have experienced countless times how tricksters wearing “Celebrity masks” had acted after securing their votes.

Nadeesha Hemamali Joins UNP

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